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Cancellation Order policy

What is your Cancellation policy?

As soon as the order is placed, we initiate the sequence of events which ultimately results in you receiving the product of your choice. Since all our products are custom ordered, at the very beginning of this sequence Homelegance Furniture and its respective customer become financially obligated to purchase and pay for the ordered product. We at Homelegance Furniture try to remain the most customer-friendly furniture website on the internet and will attempt to assist you in cancellation of your order.

We will contact the manufacturer and make all the necessary arrangements, but unfortunately, even we are not able to cancel any orders which have been already prepared for shipment or actually shipped by the manufacturer. Please, note that even if the tracking number is not available to us or you at the time you request cancellation of your order; it might actually be already too late. We will contact you immediately after the manufacturer advises us of whether we can cancel your order or not. Throughout the ordering process, you will be prompted to check the box reading: "I agree in full to terms and conditions of sale by Homelegance Furniture".

By checking this box you agree to accept in full all terms and conditions listed on Homelegance Furniture website including our Cancellation Policy and such acceptance will be in lieu of customer's legal signature. A 20% restocking/cancellation fee will be applied to cancel orders that are received by Homelegance furniture.

If your order has already shipped from the manufacturer, any cancellation will be considered a return. All items in a canceled order must be returned. Orders may be canceled within 24 hours of placement without incurring any restocking fees or delivery costs.